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sunsea telecommunications co., ltd. held the energy management system construction project start-ayx爱游戏官网登录

2016-04-29   • corporation news  |   8202  |  

on the afternoon of april 29, the start-up meeting of sun energy's energy management system construction project was held in the r & d building on the 5th conference room.mr. wang, vice president of the company, manager and supervisor of each department of the company and cqc energy management expert team attended the meeting.the meeting affirmed the purpose and significance of the company's energy management system and announced the formation of a working group for the company's energy management system and a clear definition of the duties and responsibilities of personnel in various departments. this marks the official launch of the company's energy management system.

during the meeting, vice president wang emphasized: 1. in the past, the energy saving and emission reduction work of various companies was improved after seeing where they could be improved. without systematic planning, data collection and analysis, the effect was not obvious ; 2. energy management system construction is  the work always promoted to implement  by the government, in order to meet the government to achieve energy saving targets during the 13th five-year plan, the company departments must cooperate with the energy management system to build the team to complete the system; 3. energy management system construction is also a livelihood project to reduce energy consumption, reduce emissions and benefit the country and people. at the same time, the implementation of energy management system is also a manifestation of csr's commitment to social responsibility.

in his speech,nie,a senior energy management expert from china quality certification center, affirmed the previous energy saving and emission reduction work of the company and expressed his appreciation for the leadership of the company and their support for the construction of the energy management system. at the same time, he also pointed out that the company has a waste of energy, lack of energy management, understanding of energy-related laws and regulations and so on.

 mr. nie also explained the background and purpose of the energy management system construction and the benefits and impacts that the energy management system has brought to the enterprises and made a brief introduction of the energy management system.teacher nie said that the energy management system is based on the whole process of energy management, following the principles of system management (pdca), through the establishment of a complete set of standards and norms in the enterprise to establish a complete and effective, document energy management mode. special attention should be paid to the inspection and implementation process to continuously improve the energy management system through such measures as energy conservation monitoring, energy efficiency benchmarking, internal audit, energy consumption measurement and testing, energy balance statistics, management review, self-evaluation, energy saving and technical improvement and energy conservation assessment to improve effectiveness, achieve energy management policies and commitments, and achieve the expected energy consumption control goals.

 due to the strong expertise and humorous speech style of the team of energy management experts, coupled with the desire for knowledge and knowledge of the energy management system of other personnel attending the meeting, there are more interactive sessions and the whole launch meeting is conducted in a warm atmosphere.

finally, president bai congratulated on the successful start-up meeting and thanked cqc's team of energy management experts for their wonderful speech. at the same time, some requirements have been put forward for the construction team of the sunsea energy management and simple arrangements have been made for the next stage of the working group. so far, the beginning of the construction of the sunsea energy management system conference successfully concluded.