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sunsea wireless site solution provides a one-stop set of solution for base station infrastructure integration and sharing, and committed for customers to create "simple, efficient, reliable, shared, easy-operation, convenient-maintenance, evolvable" communications site infrastructure, maximize customer value.
sunsea wireless site solution is widely used in various communication sites such as macro base station, transmission site, remote radio station, repeater, etc. it meets different scenarios including street, city, hilltop, square, rooftop, railways, highways and remote areas and other scenes.
sunsea wireless site solution is integrated of antenna & feeder, tower & shelter, power supply and distribution, energy-saving and temperature control, site management engineering and services and other products and engineering services.

features of sunsea wireless sites solution :
 i. simple site selectionrapid deployment
➢   easy for site selection
•    product miniaturization designingsmall land occupationeasy site selection.
•    high beautified product scheme, applicable to a variety of site construction environments, easy accessible approval.
➢   easy for deployment
•    quick site construction solutionshort construction periodrapid deployment.
•    integrated site building,1 time entrance, decrease resident disturbance.
➢   easy for operation
•    on-demand investment,  good expansion.
➢   easy for maintenance
•    highly-integrated, simple supplier management interface, good solution reliability.
 ii. low tco
➢    low capex
•    high-density & multi-service business sharing, investment saving.
•    diversified solutions regarding detailed site scene design, investment saving.
•    modularized product design, flexible site upgrade and expansion, investment saving.

provide a package of end-to-end integrated product engineering service, optimize product and project delivery processes, one-time inbound installation, reduce pain spots for multi-vendor delivery and management.
➢    low opex
•    small land occupation, reduce lease cost.
•    high reliability, low maintenance.
•    intelligent customization management, reduce maintenance and inspection expenses.

iii.   co-construction and sharing, improve network coverage
 ➢ infrastructure sharing
•    comply with the policy requirements for communal construction and sharing of communication infrastructure.
•    saving capital investment in unit coverage area.
➢ platform sharing
•    improve network coverage with shared platform.
•    establish corporate image, shoulder social responsibility.