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the malaysian cooperation partners visited the sunsea aiot technology south china center-ayx爱游戏官网登录

2024-01-22   • corporation news  |   112  |  

the two parties signed a cooperative authorization agreement


on january 20, 2024, malaysian partners golden lions mineral resources sdn. bhd. and sinergi halqah sdn. bhd. visited the sunsea aiot technology south china center and received a warm welcome from mr. zhang ying, vice president of sunsea aiot technology and executive deputy general manager of sunsea communication service.


both parties engaged in extensive discussions in the fields of communication modules, internet of things (iot) applications, communication engineering construction and services, and power engineering.


remark: (second from left to right) sinergi halqah sdn. bhd. operations director dzuady, sinergi halqah sdn. bhd. executive director ibrahim basri, golden lions mineral resources sdn. bhd. general manager lee sam yee, vice president of sunsea aiot and executive deputy general manager of sunsea communication service zhang ying.


the southeast asia has unique resource advantages, superior construction and investment environment, strong economic strength, and the overall economic development trend is growing rapidly. with the recovery of the economic environment, there is a sustained increase in demand for infrastructure construction and emerging technologies such as the internet of things across various countries. adhering to the principle of mutual benefit, sunsea communication service has granted authorization to golden lions mineral resources in malaysia to conduct business in southeast asia. together, they aim to explore the southeast asian market and achieve a win-win situation.