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the ceremony of sunsea’s enter to innovation building-ayx爱游戏官网登录

2017-04-06   • corporation news  |   10235  |  

in the morning of april 6th, the ceremony of sunsea’s enter to innovation building has been successfully held. from now on, sunsea’s departments of new energy business, wireless business and antenna business had moved to new office. company president mr. peng jian and other senior managers were at present to congratulate the event. mr. peng addressed in the ceremony and was participating in ribbon-cutting ceremony with vice president mr hong. mr. zhang, the general manager of new energy business and company vice president unveiled the nameplate for this ceremony.

at about 9 am, the innovative building was full of flowers and smiling, and the staff had already taken a fresh look at the new office. at the ceremony, ceo cut the ribbon for the ceremony and delivered a speech. in his speech, he pointed out that the relocation of sunhai new energy department, wireless business department and antenna business department accelerated the steady development of the company. he expressed his determination in the new field of communications and hoped to adapt to the progress of the market and the times through continuous innovation and reform and the development of new industries. at the same time, he also thanked the staff at the scene for their efforts in this ceremony, and encouraged everyone to keep up with the development of the sunsea and develop together with the company in the future. after the celebration ceremony, the staff visited the offices and took photos together at the scene.